Our goal is to complete all of the heavy lifting, so that you don’t need to lift a finger when it comes to building & installing your customized software package:

Meeting online to collect financial history
(15-30 minutes)

Collect financial statement data for previous 4 years that will allow you to report against previous years and forecast with accuracy from day one of use.

Meeting online to deliver, install and set-up software
(15-30 minutes)

Sit back while we do the heavy lifting. We run the installation, complete checks to ensure everything is completed as required, and will complete the personalized settings with you so that you can run & deliver reports the way you want them right from the start.

Initial training for user(s)
(30-60 minutes)

This meeting can be combined with the above software delivery meeting, or scheduled to be done separately at your next month-end.

Follow up training review at next month-end
(30-60 minutes)

Walk through the reporting process with you, give pointers to make the process even quicker/easier when possible, answer any questions, etc.

Ongoing phone and email support is available as needed
(15-30 minutes)

No limitations are put in place when it comes to how, when, or why you get in touch – we always want you to call or email us to avoid inconveniences or frustration. We can schedule “refresher” demos, Q&A calls for clients with multiple users, sit-ins with you while you run month-end, or simply answer ad-hoc questions/concerns regarding the software. We will work hard to go above and beyond for every customer, and continue earning your
business long after you become our client.