Key Information now available regarding release dates this winter, information about updating your custom books, and tips & tricks for a smooth roll-over experience.

Release Dates:

  • The Finex 2021 Update email instructions will be sent out beginning the week of January 25th. You will receive an email for each brand within your group. We release the brands as they become ready.
  • The Eclipse 2021 January Update email will be sent out the week of February 1st. You will receive one email for the Eclipse update.
  • Some of our clients use Finex to run the D.O.C. reports – in this case, you can request to have a pre-release of Finex 2021 to be installed the week of January 11th. Please send us an email to confirm you are using the Finex D.O.C. and we will add you to our pre-release list. Also note that if you receive the pre-release, you will still need to download the full Finex 2021 Rollover update as well to ensure you have the most recent and complete version of Finex.

Custom Reports:

  • If you have custom reports built within Finex, please note that our standard New Year Rollover Update does not include updates to your custom reports. Upon request, we can send you an overview of the OEM statement changes so you can update your reports to 2021.
  • Or if you would like to save the time & effort of updating your own custom reports, hire us to do it! We charge a nominal hourly rate and never go over what we quote. Be sure to book early, as we get booked with custom reporting requests very quickly at this time of year! You can send us an email to schedule a time for one of our team members to remotely connect to pick up a copy of your custom reports and we can add it to our queue.

Tips & Tricks to Prepare for Roll-Over:

  • Note that any antivirus (such as TrendMicro and BitDefender) may need to be temporarily disabled to allow our
    Install-Wise application to run without error
  • Any server installations may require the IT administration passwords or for the IT department to install them on your behalf.
  • TimeSaver please ensure you UNCHECK the “change month” option, as all workbooks are already set to January
  • CDK GM clients – you will need to post 1 cent to the Page 5 vehicle memo accounts
  • Reynolds Users: Don’t forget to grab the 2021 OSFS Excel files from your rep, or by logging into your My ReyRey account, before running your January 2021 month-end
  • Keep an eye on your inbox for an email from us when the 2021 Finex Update package is ready for your brand & DMS. For folks who run multiple brands/DMS in Finex, please note that you’ll receive separate emails with updates for each.
    • The email will include instructions to access your update download & complete the installation. As always, we are available to support you if you’d like help with this process or run into any questions/concerns.
    • After completing the update, be sure to close all Excel workbooks before opening Finex.
    • Once you’ve run your January month-end, please take a close look through your statement and reports/email books to make sure everything has updated correctly (look for missing/inaccurate/misaligned data and call us if you run into any issues). We don’t anticipate that you’ll run into any issues, but if you do, we are ready and waiting to resolve the issue for you as quickly as possible.
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