As Windows and the Microsoft Office Suite continue to evolve, we continue to optimize Finex to work with these programs and give you the best experience. In turn, older versions of the programs are no longer being supported.

We sometimes encounter issues where customers are experiencing a conflict between their operating system and/or Microsoft Office and their Finex reporting. In some cases, especially early in the year when statements have changed and major Finex updates have been installed, this can be a simple, one-time fix and the issue is easily resolved.

However, we regularly receive support calls where upon further review, we discover that a customer is running an older version of Windows and/or Microsoft Office, and this presents a challenge that we’re not always able to address.

As we prepare to send our customers their Finex and Eclipse updates for 2021 – across 26 OEM brands and 6 different DMS providers – we want to save you from any headaches that could arise due to software incompatibility. Below is our most current technical specifications:

Suggested PC Hardware Specs:

  • I7 next generation
  • Fast Intel SSD (solid state drive)
  • Minimum 16 GB of RAM

Approved Operating System:

  • Microsoft Windows 10

Microsoft Office Pre-Requisites:

  • Microsoft Excel – 2013 or higher
  • Requires Microsoft VB support in Excel

A reminder that the following computer and software specifications are NOT currently supported for use of Finex and Eclipse:

  • Apple/Mac computers (any model)
  • Apple iOS operating systems (any version)
  • Windows 7 and older
  • Microsoft Office 10 and older
  • Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Only Version

Have questions about your PC’s specs, or Finex compatibility with your computer? Contact Us and we’d be happy to help!

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